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To keep you and our staff safe, we've made changes to reduce the number of people in our waiting area and other person to person contact.

  • 1020 W National Ave • Milwaukee WI 53204 • (414) 643-5635 •
  • Our Lobby Is closed to the public as a social distancing measure We are maintaining this policy even though the Governor’s order is lifted as our lobby is small and we do not want to contribute to anyone getting sick.
  • Phone Hours: Weekdays 9 AM to 4 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM
  • We want great tenants and offer a $100 Security Deposit on units marked with *** to qualified new tenants with a well documented 3 year good rental history.
  • Se habla Español
  • For rent showings are by appointment only. Please Call (414) 643-5635 to schedule
  • After seeing a unit, you may apply online, or request a paper application by mail.
  • Tenants may pay rent using our our online payment portal, by mail, pay by phone with a credit card or use You may also drop off your filled out money order in the mail slot of our office at 1020 W National Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53204.
  • We are making repairs, but ask that you let us know if anyone in your home is sick or in a high risk occupation such as medical or high contact jobs. You will get service, but our people will need to take extra precautions. We require that you are not in the same room as our maintenance staff. Our employees also have spouses, children, parents and grandparents as well as providing services to other tenants who may be vulnerable.

Resources for Tenants Impacted the Coronavirus Shutdown

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Address More Info City Bedrooms Price Available Specials
1606 S 88th St - Unit-6More InfoMilwaukee, WI 532142 Bedrooms/ App ONLY$755Avail 12/1Application
2466 S 10th St - LowerMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532151 Bedroom$567 Avail Now***Application
2501A S 5th St - Lower Rear More InfoMilwaukee, WI 532072 Bedroom$622 Avail Now***Application
3738 W Galena St - UpperMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532083 Bedroom$731 Avail Now***Application
116A W Kassner PL - Upper More InfoMilwaukee, WI 532042 bedroom$597 Avail Now***Application
2035 S 15th Pl - LowerMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532041 Bedroom$550 Avail Now***Application
1918 S Amy PL - Upper More InfoMilwaukee, WI 532042 Bedroom$654 Avail Now***Application
1911 S 11th St - Upper Front Unit-3More InfoMilwaukee, WI 532041 Bedroom$573 Avail Now***Application
1569 S 10th St - Upper Rear Unit-4More InfoMilwaukee, WI 532041 Bedroom$562 Avail Now***Application
2478 S 9th Street - LowerMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532042 Bedroom$671 Avail Now***Application
1643 A S 7th St - UpperMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532042 Bedroom$630 Avail Now***Application
719 S 21st St - Lower RearMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532041 Bedroom - large$563 Avail Now***Application
1903 S 7th St. - North Lower More InfoMilwaukee, WI 532041 Bedrooms$595 Avail NowApplication
715 S 34th St - UpperMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532152 BR,park,lvrm & dnrm$675 Avail Now***Application
1222A S 17th St - UpperMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532043 Bedroom $794 Avail Now***Application
1916 S Amy PL - LowerMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532042 Bedroom$696 Avail Now***Application
1719 S 14th St - Single family houseMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532044 Bedroom $950Avail 9/1Application
1003 S 24th St - Lower FrontMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532043 Bedroom Large $780 Avail Now***Application
1308 W Greenfield Av - Upper Front More InfoMilwaukee, WI 532044 Bedroom $757 Avail Now***Application
1676B S 3rd St - Lower RearMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532042 Bedroom$654 Avail Now***Application
1550A S 13 St - Rear Single Family HouseMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532041 Bedroom$649 Avail Now***Application
505 W Maple St - Upper RearMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532042 Bedrooms$557 Avail Now***Application
1034 W Pierce St - Lower More InfoMilwaukee, WI 532043 Bedroom$727 Avail Now***Application
107A W Kassner PL - UpperMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532042 Bedroom$587 Avail Now***Application
1425A S 11th St - Lower - Rear duplexMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532042 Bedroom$644Avail 9/1***Application
1020 W National Av - Upper Front West 1More InfoMilwaukee, WI 532042 Bedroom$665Avail 9/1***Application
2466 S 10th St - UpperMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532152 Bedrooms$694Avail 9/1***Application
1820A S 4th St - Rear HouseMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532041 Bedroom Large$612 Avail Now***Application
112A W Kassner PL - Upper More InfoMilwaukee, WI 532042 bedroom$597 Avail Now***Application
2627 A S 6th St - UpperMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532152 Bedroom w/ Diningroom$703Avail 9/1***Application
2358 S 16th St - UpperMore InfoMilwaukee, WI 532153 Bedroom$697Avail 9/1***Application

Be Aware of Scams!!!

Affordable Rentals does not accept cash for rent or deposit, ever! Nor do we take applications at the properties. Applications and payments are only accepted online or by mail Affordable Rental Associates, LLC • 1020 W National Ave • Milwaukee, WI 53204 Once you are accepted you must pay the move in money online or by mail with a cashiers check or money order only.

If someone asks you to pay cash at one of our empty apartments, they are trying to steal from you. Don’t be a victim. Call the POLICE!!! and report it to Affordable Rentals at (414) 643-5635