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Apartments and Houses for rent in and around Milwaukee. • All prices, all areas.

  • 1020 W National Ave • Milwaukee WI 53204 • 414-643-5635 • Open Weekdays 8AM to 5 PM • Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM •
  • $100 Security Deposit on units marked with *** to qualified new tenants with a well documented 3 year good rental history.
  • Se habla Español


Help Wanted: Painters, Labors, Siding & Trim Installers

  • Bid Work, Temp Work/Day Pay, and Full Time Hourly Positions Available
  • Apply in person at 1020 W National Ave, call 414-643-5635 or email
  • Se habla Español
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How To Apply at Affordable Rentals

Our office is located at 1020 W National Ave, Milwaukee WI 53204. (414) 643-5635
We are open weekdays 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturdays 9 Am to 1 PM.

To see a vacant unit:

To apply for a rental we require:

We want good tenants and offer the best applicants a $100 Security Deposit Option

We reject applications for the following causes:

  1. Evictions Judgments or Stipulated Agreements to Vacate the premises within the past 3 years. We may consider applicants with one eviction more than 12 months ago, with a double security deposit if all other criteria are met.
  2. Utility Disconnections or Utility Collection Actions within the past 2 years.
  3. Insufficient or Non Verifiable Income. We require consistent, stable, verifiable income of at least 2 times the rent. You must be at your current job for at least 90 days with a reasonable expectation of continued consistent employment. Government Benefits, Child Support, Food Stamps and other verifiable, consistent income are considered income and not subject to 90 day rule.
  4. Criminal Convictions* relating to property damage, or crimes that indicate a disregard for the safety, rights and peace of others, within the following time frames:
  5. Non Verifiable Rental History or Bad Landlord References.
  6. Poor Housekeeping at current home. We do pre acceptance home visits, which must be completed satisfactorily prior to acceptance.
  7. Incomplete Applications It is the applicants' responsibility to provide all documentation and information necessary for us to approve your application.

Thinking of renting for prostitution or drug dealers? Don't try it here!

Pet Policy

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Be Aware of Scams!!!

Affordable Rentals does not accept cash for rent or deposit, ever! Nor do we take applications at the properties. Applications and payments are only accepted at our office, locate at 1020 W National Ave. We only require a $50 money order to hold the property while processing your application. Once you are accepted you must pay the move in money by cashiers check or money order only.

If someone asks you to pay cash at one of our empty apartments, they are trying to steal from you. Don’t be a victim. Call the POLICE!!! and report it to Affordable Rentals at 414-643-5635